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Registration Process

You're making a solid decision to elevate your post-processing with Imagen Media House. Just a couple more steps and you are on your way to post-processing greatness  (your greatness is directly related to your personal drive, but we believe you can do it). if you have already been down this path, why are you wasting time reading this, fill out the form already.

1. Fill out the form with your full name and valid email address

2. Select one or more workshops you want to attend by holding down ctrl [Win] or cmd [Mac] to make multiple selections.

If you are wondering what workshop is for you, here is an easy to follow guide:

Lightroom - You have a hard drive on your computer containing a folder named "My Pictures" and you have little to no idea what's in it, other than pictures. You need to organize and back-up all those images. Beyond organizing and archiving, you want to add some creative punch to your photos. You have no post-processing in your current workflow. (all digital images need some post).

Photoshop - You're organized, backing-up, and creatively processing your images. You want to go beyond the capabilities of Lightroom and start pixel manipulating. There are 3.7 ways (approximately) to do any one thing and Photoshop. You don't know where to start and want a better understanding and control of the most powerful image manipulation software.

Photoshop Advanced - You want more advanced pixel manipulating power in Photoshop, and to take your creativity to new heights. *This workshop has the pre-requisite of Photoshop.*

3. If you want to take them all, select "The Complete Workshop Series - Post-Processing Mastery". Because you are a creative genius (or at least aspiring to be one) and your work deserves better.

4. Write a subject that relates to the workshops you're registering for, and fill out any additional information you want us to know about you in the message.

5. Hit that "Send" button so we know you mean business.

What happens next?

We will review your selections (to make sure they are available) and send you a response email with your selected workshop details and payment options. You will want to make your payment as soon as possible, since you won't be completely registered until you do. Once we get your payment sorted, you will get a confirmation email and be fully registered and ready to begin your big adventure with photography.