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About Us

About Us

"Photography is, for me, a spontaneous impulse coming from an ever attentive eye which captures the moment and its eternity." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

From Cartier-Bresson to Rankin, Méliès to Lynch, Mozart to Bowie, and Bauhaus to Hadid, we find inspiration in the great's and all around us. We are all about big ideas, creative ideas, effective ideas, to power your brand. Simply put,

We power content driven brands.

The content world changes fast, trending today and gone tomorrow. It can be difficult for brands to keep up. Yet, there are brands that continue to produce amazing content and grow, and there are brands who fall short and  just make noise. Our clients recognize the ROI of strong content, and are committed to creating content that meets their needs, their budgets, and communicates effectively.

Featured Clients

  • MacEwan University
  • Travel Alberta
  • The City of Edmonton
  • The Town of Stony Plain
  • ZGM

Our Specialties

  • Portraits
  • Fashion
  • Editorial
  • Advertising
  • Film


As a photographer and educator, Jason has created award winning images and students. Over his career his work has been exhibited internationally in Japan, Germany, Holland, and Nationally across Canada. It has been seen in national and local publications and advertisements, for Travel Alberta, City of Edmonton, Town of Stony Plain, Stollery Children's Hospital, Big Valley Jamboree, VUE magazine, and Bell.

Janice is an up and coming force majeure in photography. Her talent can been seen in all her work, and especially in her portraits where her clients come to life in her still image.


Jason began his relationship with film in June of 1977. He further developed a deeper appreciation during his undergraduate degree and then into his graduate degree. Jason got into co-directing television commercials in the late 2000s at the advertising agency where he was the Associate Creative Director. Between 2012 and 2018, he directed award winning commercials, music videos and a documentary film.


With years of experience in Publication, Marketing, and Advertising, we bring a wealth of fire to our projects. Ok is not Good Enough for us. Think of us as that teammate that you love having on your team, but hate to play against.


We power content driven brands. In the ever changing landscape of content marketing, your brand needs content that is creative, effective, and has a strong ROI.


Go further faster and enjoy the results. We have years of experience in content development and creation. Plus, marketing, advertising, branding, and communications.


With the right mix of content, branding, and marketing, you can customize your audience's experience. Gain momentum, target a new audience, be authentic, and do it with swagger.


Strong content gets the right exposure. Creativity, technical ability, and some experimental rocket science thrown in for excitement.